DIRAC Industries is your partner in Sustainable Electric Heating Solutions for heating or maintaining the temperature of gasses, liquids or solids and the regulation required. The range of DIRAC Industries has expanded enormously in recent years and this catalog is limited to a number of standard products.

For all your questions, our engineers and representatives are ready to analyze each project in detail and discuss it so that a tailor-made solution can be developed for you. This can result in the use of products from our standard range or in the production of custom made elements.

It is our policy to continuously and automatically update our product specifications to at least meet or exceed the standards required by
EU legislation.

The European Pressure Directive 2014/68/EU (PED) applies to all systems with a maximum allowable pressure of 0.5 barg or more.
DIRAC Industries can offer equipment that meets the requirements of this directive for categories I, II, III & IV.

All our products meet the requirements of the Low Voltage Directive (LVD) 2014/35/EU and, where applicable, the EMC Directive

All our materials are CE approved following IEC 61439-2 norm and DIRAC Industries can offer other certified products if required.
Some product ranges are also UL approved and where the environment requires equipment suitable for explosive atmospheres,
we also offer a wide range of ATEX certified products (ATEX 114 equipment directive – 2014/34/EU).

DIRAC Industries is fully committed to a quality policy with ISO 9001 certified design offices and production sites.
(Quality: ISO9001:2015 – Environment: ISO14001:2015)

DIRAC Industries also holds the following certificates :

– UL Certificat for Tubular Sheathed Heaters : UL471670
– UL Certificat for Crankcase Heaters : UL SA44484
– UL Certificat for Alufoil Heaters : ETL 5024997
– Certificate of Compliance – EU RoHS Declaration
– Certificate of Compliance – REACH APPENDIX XIV
– Certificate of Compliance – REACH APPENDIX XVII
– Long-term supplier’s declaration for products with Preferential Origin Status
– Certificate of Compliance – REACH – SVHC STATEMENT
– Declaration – CMRT