DIRAC Industries

Container & cargo heating solutions

DIRAC Industries offers two different types of heating systems for moving tank containers or trailers filled with liquid that needs to remain at a certain temperature or has to be heated up during or after transportation. Both solutions are covered with insulation to limit the heat losses and to protect people touching the container unit.

Solutions for the OEM market

- Assistance through early involvement at the development stage
- Co-engineering
- Rapid prototyping
- High quality products in big quantities for the best price
- High level of flexibility
- International support: Our local engineers understand your “language”
- Situated at the heart of Europe
Reducing transportation costs
Shortening delivery times (Just-In-Time)
- ISO 9001 based

Industrial heating solutions

Dirac Industries is your partner in commercial and industrial electrothermic solutions: reliable heating systems combined with a professional service. We can look back on a rich experience of over 50 years to find sound solutions for all your problems and questions concerning industrial heating. We create customized heating systems for both smaller and larger projects

MAGNUM keeps you warm

MAGNUM levert uitsluitend hoogwaardige, duurzame & energiezuinige elektrische verwarmingssystemen en is tevens marktleider op het gebied van elektrische vloerverwarming. Elektrische vloerverwarming biedt de meest comfortabele manier van verwarmen. Door de gelijkmatige warmtestraling vanuit de gehele vloeroppervlakte wordt een zeer egale warmtespreiding gecreëerd.