Since we are specialists in multiple areas and we always want to provide the best possible solution for each customer. We have modeled our company into 8 different business units, which ensure that your project is always in the right hands.

Not sure which solution is best for you? That’s not a problem! Contact us and one of our sales representatives will help you.

DIRAC Industries supplies heating solutions for two typical ways of bulk transport with liquids that need to remain at a certain temperature or have to be heated up during or after transportation, either in Tank containers or in IBC’s.

For Tank Containers, we developed a heating system to be applied on the tank under the cladding, either by means of Teflon or Mineral insulated heating cable or by our TransHeat Mats and controlled by our TransHeat control panels.

TransHeat : Including Container & Cargo Heating of Dairy, Edible Oils & Fats, Single Use Aluminum Heating Mats or multi- use baseboard heaters for IBC and Bag-in-Box Heating

We design and produce custom made electrical heating components for Original Equipment Manufacturers.
In addition, in a co-engineering process, we analyze the specific needs, prepare 3D-drawings, samples, and certifications, to finally deliver the best possible product in mass-production.

Our new production facility in the Czech Republic has been founded to produce these custom made OEM heating

OEMHeat : Including Machine Components, Sheathed element, Immersion & Recirculation Heaters, Alu Foil Heaters, etc.

At DIRAC Industries we provide a complete follow-up,analysis,
engineering, design, manufacturing, along with FAT, installation, and
start-up of your Process Heater.

Everything is done in cooperation with the customer through onecontact person – our ProcessHeat manager will share his years of experience to bring our solution for your process to a higher level, for both safe and explosive areas.

ProcessHeat :Including Process Heaters, ATEX and non-ATEX
Heaters, Immersion, Recirculation, Duct Heaters

Serving maintenance and production engineers is our focus. We can provide electrical heater spare parts for any machine or assist you with production expansion projects where electrical heating solutions and control is required. Our sales engineers are there to serve you.

IndustrialHeat : Including Spare Parts & Small Projects,
Industrial Comfort Heaters

The most common Electrical Heat
Tracing applicationsare freeze
protection,temperature maintenance
and snow melting on driveways.

Furthermore,Heat tracing is realized
by applying constant wattage or
self-regulating cable combined with
the necessary control equipment
adapted to theapplication.In addition,
freeze protection is mainly used on
pipes or vessels to maintain the
temperature above freezing point.

This application is generally also
accompanied by thermal insulation
to reduce the heat loss.

TraceHeat : Including Heating of Pipes and Tanks, Frost Protection, Heating Cables, Ramp Heating, Process temperature maintenance

The railway solutions we bring for rail switch heating or components for wagons and locomotives depend upon more than 60 years
of experience.

Our highest priority is the availability of the railway at all times, by keeping it free of snow and ice.
Our components are produced based on the highest standards, which fulfill the railway industry needs.

RailHeat : Including Rail switch heating, heating of train wagons, components for locomotives, control panels

We produce control cabinets for any industrial application, low power as well as high power applications, with simple or very sophisticated control units and human machine interfaces.

Our wiring department focusses on wire harnesses exactly matching the connectivity needs of our OEM customers are looking for.

Control & Wiring : Including Process control panels, PLC & HMI, PID-control, Solid states, Wire Harnesses

We produce metal sheet & solid metal parts and assemblies or constructions for your specific needs. Our CNC machine operators and highly skilled welders can bring any job to a perfect result!

MetalWorks : Including Sheet metal parts and assemblies,Solid metal machining, welding, surface treatments