DIRAC Industries supplies heating solutions for two typical ways of bulk transport with liquids that needs to remain at a certain temperature or has to be heated up during or after transportation, either in Tank containers or in IBC’s. For Tank Containers, we developed a heating system to be applied on the tank under the cladding, either by means of Teflon or Mineral insulated heating cable or by our TransHeat Mats and controlled by our TransHeat control panels. For IBC’s, either Bag-in-Box or Bottle-in-Cage, our single use Aluminum foil heaters or multiple use base board heaters will guarantee a perfect heating.


The materials selection process and safety protocols rank aerospace among the most carefully regulated in industry today.

Coatings & Plating

Testing materials with a desired outward appearance and protection from corrosion, heat, abrasion, and chemicals.

Consumer Products & Toys

Industrial has enhanced our services to include the latest technology for testing toys and childrens products plastic.

Oil & Gas

Our scope of work includes testing for structural fabrication, pressure systems and material selection natural and plastic material.

Plastics & Composites

Physcial, mechanical testing, spectrometric and microscopic characterization that benefit our client’s product development.

Packaging & Plastics

For many years, Industrial has conducted field studies involving the public for the purposes of product screening.


Routine testing includes data collection for CMTR generation using mechanical, chemical and metallurgical techniques.